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Guadalupe (Street Completes)


The GUADALUPE street complete is built with 7 ply - 100% hard rock USA maple construction. This custom shape have unique shape lines featuring a 14” wheel base with medium concave and comes with 52mm/100A wheels that works all around for street and park sessions. The aluminum aircraft grade with hollow king-pin trucks makes these completes ultra light, perfect to learn or for professional riders. The original artwork by Mister Cartoon blends with the wood grains on the bottom, and the top features our premium bubble-free griptape and the unique inlaid LOCOS metal badge. 

All boards sold directly from the California Locos website come with our custom skateboard box featuring original artwork from Mister Cartoon, which can easily be framed and turned into a piece of art on your wall.


- Size: L: 31.6” | W: 8.0” | WB: 14”
- Trucks: 5.25”
- Wheels: 52mm x 31mm | P-17mm / 100A hardness
- Bearings: ABEC-7

Materials Overview:

Deck: Prime Grade 100% USA Hardrock Maple Deck Construction
Glue: Ultra Bond Glue for better impact absorption and durability
Trucks: Aircraft grade aluminum, hollow kingpins Ogre trucks for lighter and tighter turns
Wheels: Premium Urethane, 100A hardness with 17mm patch
Bushings: High Rebound Urethane with more responsive turns and truck performance
Bearings: Custom LOCOS ABEC-7 bearings with spacers
Grip-tape: High Adhesive, Perforated Anti-Bubble technology
Note: Completes come with artist hangtag and OG California Locos sticker