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Swirl Ink Red/Orange


The LOCOS Swirl Ink Red / Orange wheels feature a unique swirled ink effect and original signature by Mister Cartoon. These softer 78A all-terrain cruiser wheels come in two different sizes to fit your different quiver, the 60mm featuring a slimmer contact patch will slide faster for some fun sidewalk carves, while maintaining speed and control and the 62mm having a fatter shape to help maintain better control, perfect for maintaining higher speeds or for beginner riders. 

All wheels sold directly from the California Locos website come in a custom box designed with Mister Cartoons original artwork and a OG California Locos sticker. The bottom of this box can easily be cut out, framed and turned into a piece of art on your wall.


DIameter: 60mm
Width: 40mm
Road Patch: 30mm
Core: Centerset
Durometer: 78A
Color: Swirl Red/Orange

DIameter: 62mm
Width: 44mm
Road Patch: 35mm
Core: Centerset
Durometer: 78A
Color: Swirl Red/Orange