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Solid (32.5” x 10” WB 16.75")


Exclusive Limited Run with Wall Mount - 100 units

Our Mary Anna Pomonis cruiser board is packed with style and premium components. From the grade-A maple construction, single deck press and extra-bound glue to the unique swirl colored wheels, signature metal badges and bottle opener for the Summer days, these boards will make it hard for you to decide whether to display it on the wall as art or ride it down to the beach.

- Size: 31” x 8.75” | 16.75" WB
- Trucks: 5.25”
- Wheels: 62mm x 44mm | P-35mm / 78A hardness
- Riser Pad: Angled Risers
- Bearings: ABEC-7 + Spacers

Materials Overview:

Deck: Prime Grade Hardrock Maple Deck Construction
Glue: Ultra Bond Glue for better impact absorption and durability
Trucks: Aircraft grade aluminum, hollow kingpins Ogre trucks for lighter and tighter turns
Wheels: Premium Urethane with Custom Swirl Ink effect - great for carvings and quick
Bushings: High Rebound Urethane with more responsive turns and truck performance
Bearings: Custom LOCOS ABEC-7 bearings with spacers
Grip-tape: High Adhesive, Perforated Anti-Bubble technology
Note: Cruisers come with artist hangtag and OG California Locos sticker