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Empire (31.6” x 8” WB 14')


Exclusive Limited Run with Wall Mount - 100 units

Our limited collection with the artist Mary Anna Pomonis features high-performance street decks that can either be hung on the wall as a piece of collectible art or taken to a skatepark to shred like a pro. These boards are numbered, built using North American hardrock maple, our extra bond glue and it comes in custom art boxes that include a certificate of authenticity and the SK8OLOGY wall mount to easily display your board as a limited edition masterpiece in your home.

All boards sold directly from the California Locos website come with our custom skateboard box featuring original artwork from Mary Anna, which can easily be framed and turned into a piece of art on your wall.

- Size: 8.0” | 31.6” | WB: 14.0”
- Size: 8.25” | 32.125” | WB: 14.25”

Materials Overview:
Deck: Prime Grade 100% USA Hardrock Maple Deck Construction
Glue: Ultra Bond Glue for better impact absorption and durability
Shape: square nose with round tail
Concave: Medium

Note: This board does not come with grip-tape, trucks or wheels.
Note: Single Decks come with insert cards, certificate of authenticity, SK8OLOGY wall mounts, custom boxes and OG California Locos sticker