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What makes a group of distinctly individual artists like Chaz Bojórquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom and Gary Wong combine forces into a collective identity? The group affectionately called the California Locos is just that, and although we think of their artistic creativity as individual efforts, there is something special that has stemmed from their unusual union. Each of the varied artists, all raised in Southern California, came to this group on the back half of their careers after achieving individual reputations and distinctions in their respective circles. While their collective achievements are impressive, the impetus for the Locos’ foundation is far more than a veneer. Becoming a Loco is not related to being crazy, according to Bojórquez, but to being crazy about life. Their mutual paths tie them together like a spider web, as their artistic and personal paths crisscrossed from school to the streets and from punk clubs to the gallery scene.